By Tanya

Tanya Keenan is a self taught artist and mother of three.


Her acrylic on canvas pieces are bright and playful, filled with texture and movement, yet also have a lovely dreamy quality to them.


From her signature "Tanya style" flowers, heavily textured abstract pieces, and fluid works (that look deliciously like melted ice cream), Tanya's artworks are full of colour and joy.  


Having always loved and admired art, it wasn't until a renovation on the family home that she discovered her passion for creating it.

Struggling to find the right pieces, Tanya decided to give painting a go, and her unique style was born!

Inspired by her love of life, nature and particular love of flowers, Tanya aims to evoke feelings of happiness and inspiration to all who view it. 

Her gorgeous original pieces are available for purchase here, and she also sells limited edition prints and greeting cards. 

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