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Mandy Dollery takes traditional illustration and applies it to the digital world of graphic design to ensure you stand out from the crowd. She specialises in Graphic Design, Illustration and Murals.


"I grew up drawing in the sand on the beach that was my backyard, hand-making magazines for friends. My journey into the arts was interrupted by life’s responsibilities.
Later I questioned why I was climbing the corporate ladder in a field that didn’t use my creativity.
Now, having completed my Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design in 2017 I have found my traditional illustrative artwork translated extremely well in the way Graphic Design was heading. I am now finally doing what I love.

My imaginative mind is always brimming with creative ideas. I make notes for myself in the small hours of the morning when I can’t switch my mind off. I know I’m not the only one, am I right?

I’ll never take this job for granted though. It’s been a long time coming until I could start this incredible journey where I could use my creativity and people skills. This work feeds my soul. I’m busier than I’ve ever been and I have the freedom to choose my projects. This kind of flexibility is what my free-spirited self needs.

When I’m not in my studio you will find this self confessed chocoholic on the beach (haven’t had much time to surf for a while now, #sadface), catching up with my partner for a lunch date in a cute cafe, or enjoying a few wines with friends."

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