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Clare Holder - George of the Jungle

Brendan Fraser is one of my favourite actors and I love him in George of the Jungle not only because the character is an absolute sweetheart,  but because it's a movie that caters to the rare "Female Gaze", where the movie is intended for the female viewer, where most movies are made for the male viewer. See George as the eye candy in the movie, being hot, but also sensitive, caring, and no trace of toxic masculinity.  My artwork is based on a specific scene where George dresses himself in flowers because:

"George just feel like looking a little special today, that all."


I highly recommend the below read if you are interested:

George of the Jungle and the female gaze

Nicole De Maria - Spaceballs

Spaceballs (1987), a Mel Brooks film, was a seminal part of my childhood. Often inappropriate, but always amusing, it references every possible sci-fi movie popular at the time.

My piece depicts an Alien Chestburster dressed in dance attire after busting out of John Hurt.

Spaceballs - Chestburster scene

Sam Harvey - The Worst Movie of All Time

I’ve always loved bad movies. Good movies either stress me out or give me way too many emotions, but with a bad movie I know I can always have a chuckle. And why not celebrate bad movies with one of the most well known of all time? The Room, which has been titled by many as the worst movie ever made, is a passion project of director, writer, producer and star Tommy Wiseau (yes, he really did all of that). From its quoteable lines to its bonkers behind the scenes stories, for me it’s become one of my favourite dumb movies.

The Room - You're tearing me apart Lisa!

Rachel Bishop - True Romance
True Romance: this is one of my all time favourite films. The love story between Alabama and Clarence is so sweet and pure, the cinematography is fantastic and I never get sick of watching it.

Sherree Courtney - Aladdin

I love the story of friendship, love and new beginnings in this film and the ideology of having your eyes opened to see the world around you. The song ‘ a whole new world’ is particularly special to me as it’s the song we had playing for the birth of our son!

Laura Young - Pretty in Pink

The first time I watched Pretty in Pink, as a teen, I absolutely fell in love with Andie. She is such a strong character who handles difficult situations with fierce confidence and kindness. The film introduced me to fabulous music, and my first experience of thrifting and upcycling clothing. Andie's friendship with Duckie is one of my favourite parts of the film and so I chose to paint a portrait of the two of them.

Lyd Semjay - Kill Bill

Kill Bill has been my favourite movie since the day I first saw it, and watching it now still gives me the same goosebumps (the good kind) as it did back then. Especially being a mother now, the film has taken on a whole new meaning of family and the things we'll do to protect them.
“It’s mercy, compassion, and forgiveness I lack. Not rationality.” — The Bride

Justin Allison - The Muppet Movie (1979)

For me this is all about the song & the opening sequence.

Although I was barley a toddler when this movie was first released, I have hazy recollections of watching some years later when it was released on VHS.

We walked as a family to my local video shop (remember those?!)and hired it. I still remember the  massive clunky foam backed case  the video came in. I must have been around 5,6 or 7years old.


The opening credits, as the camera soared through the clouds, on to the swamp, captured my imagination like nothing had before. I soared with it. Then, organically out of nowhere, the banjo starts up in a beautiful , simplistic jingle… and it just felt right.

The feeling I had seeing the camera epically panning down to Kermit in the swamp and the banjo twanging away is something I can still recall over 3 decades later.


Intertwined with this memory is the one of my family. It would be one of the very few great memories I have of being in a family as we were fractured a short time later.

When my father passed a couple of years back, this movie and song came to mind repeatedly, not only for the trip to the video shop, but also, he loved Kermit and his philosophies.

Kermit always shared his love, and wanted everyone around him to be happy. The simple things in life are the best.


Even today when I hear this song, it moves me and motivates me in a way I cannot describe. Its simple, profound, beautiful and true.

The Muppets - Rainbow Connection

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