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Hi I’m Rain and I started my quest to become an artist in 2018.
Growing up I was always interested in drawing/ depicting characters from the video games I played and the anime I watched.

I started taking my art more seriously when I first got a Wacom tablet, exploring the imagination that dwelled within myself.

Despite the constant trial and error of my days spent scribbling, I enjoyed every minute of creating art that I could truly call my own.
Since the day I first plugged my tablet into my pc, I never gave up on my artwork. A big influence and turning point of my art was when I was briefly taught by Geelong Illustrators member Humbert Sánchez.

Humbert taught me the basics of proportion, shading, lighting, dynamic posing and blender modes, of which I elaborated on further in the coming years. As the years went by I changed from a Wacom tablet with paint tool sai, to an iPad with procreate and drawing overtook Anime and gaming as my primary hobby and passion.

I typically like to draw characters I have created or characters created by other artists I appreciate. Of recent I’ve started to explore portraiture and I’ve depicted backgrounds and landscapes in an attempt to broaden my approach.

In terms of my inspiration, it varies depending on where I was in terms of art. When I was really young, I exclusively drew Sonic and Nintendo characters like Mario and Link. Into my early teenage years I was completely obsessed with Steven Universe and Gravity Falls, so I spent a lot of my time Drawing characters and OCs from those shows. Now, my main inspirations come from the artists I follow online and the many friends I have made as a result of advancing my art.

No matter what changes influence my life, I know the one thing that will remain consistent, is my adoration for my self expression and hobby. There is no possible future where I am not continuing my art, both as a hobby and a career.

Contact me for: Portraits, Children's Illustration, Cartoon, Anime, Architecture/buildings, Pastel, Digital Illustration, Cards, Fan art

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