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Shoshi Zettel has loved drawing ever since she was a young girl, and through years of practice has developed her distinguished style, resulting in Shoshonoke Art. 


Her inspiration draws from her spiritual outlook and deep respect for nature. By connecting the female form with trees, Shoshi enjoys representing woman's deep rooted connection with nature; physiologically and emotionally. 


Favouring working in fine liner and Copic Marker to create detailed works, she also branches into different mediums, exploring the emotions these alternative mediums achieve. 

Currently undertaking a Diploma of Visual Arts at Oxygen College to further develop techniques and artistic range, Shoshi is looking to pursue her art in a professional capacity. 


Shoshi is excited to become an active member of the creative community within Geelong, to grow her customer base and artistic reach.

Shoshonoke Art is available for commissions. 


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