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Welcome to Geelong Illustrators for 2017!

Hello there!

My name is Clare and I'll be taking the reins of Geelong Illustrators for 2017! First up a little bit about myself: I'm a self taught artist based in Ocean Grove, working mostly in coloured pencils and graphite. I've only really been practising as an artist since 2013, starting off with commissioned works for friends and family and now I am continually learning and working on my artistic style and what it means for me to create art.

The lovely ladies who founded Geelong Illustrators (Laura Alice, Morgan and Jenna) passed the torch on to Geelong Creatives, to continue to connect local artists and expand the opportunities available for creative people in the Geelong region.

At Geelong Illustrators we aim to inspire each other to high standards of creativity with zero pretentiousness, through connecting, collaborating and offering mutual support with fun creative sessions.

If you are an arty person, or know someone who might benefit from regular meet ups, artistic support and creative workshops, please consider becoming a member by heading here!

We also have a special introductory offer on until the end of February, with 28% off membership prices!

I've got a few exciting ideas in mind for this year, and I'm busy planning monthly drawing challenges, sketching tours, exhibitions and regular workshops to keep us all inspired.

Here on the Geelong Illustrators blog, I'm going to be posting interviews from our talented members, how to's, inspiration from my favourite artists and all things Geelong Illustrators to keep you up to date with anything we've got going on.

I'm really looking forward to helping foster this community for passionate local artists, and future artists!

Clare xx

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