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Creative Sessions Week 2 - Animals

Week 2 of our Creative Sessions - Animals!

And what a fun week this was!

I had two new lovely girls join me, Ebony and Jen, who jumped into the creative exercises and had a ball.

Exercises we covered were:

Parallel lines

Mr Squiggle

Exquisite corpse

Value Drawing

Continous Drawing

and Ink Blots!

I loved everything we came up with in this class, especially Exquisite Corpse and the Ink Blots! I think we had the most fun with them because they can be such a surprise, and the reveal of our mixed up creatures was hilarious.

Jen commented how relaxing the session was, and it's definitely true (and even backed up by science!) that drawing and creating art can be helpful for mindfulness, meditation, and activate parts of our brain that we might not normally use.

I highly recommend to even those who don't consider themselves arty, to grab an adult colouring book, or if that isn't your cup of tea, just do some random doodles and scribbles on a spare piece of paper. Create random shapes, lines, blobs, it doesn't matter. Just let go and have a bit of fun, like you used to when you were a kid. You never even have to show it to anyone unless you want to, and it might spark something just by getting that creative side of your brain working.

Don't forget that anyone is welcome to the Creative Sessions and we still have places available for this Saturdays class. Check the Creative Sessions page for more information, or contact us with any and all questions!

Clare xx

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