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Interested in stocking your products with us?
Apply below!


Geelong Illustrators is a collective of artists from the Geelong region and surrounds, designed to be a platform for illustrative artists to collaborate and inspire.
With the expansion of our Studio Gallery we love to stock locally made products by Geelong makers, including gifts, homewares, and fun quirky items! 


We have a focus on handmade, locally made and designed products.

Your products will ideally be made by you with your designs/art, but we are flexible depending on what the product is.

It is your responsibility that your products meet any Australian Standard requirements, ie skincare products, candles etc.

The important bits:

There are no weekly fees, we charge 25% commission on sales, if your product is $20 we will take $5.
Please consider this in pricing your items.


Payments will be made the following month from when your items are sold (ie items sold in July will have sales transferred in August).

Due to the nature of stocking consignment items, our insurance doesn’t cover theft, so you may want to sort out your own theft cover. On that note, we have never had any items stolen within our store in our 5 years of tenancy.

As we are a volunteer run group, we may not be able to respond to unsuccessful applications.
Do not take an unsuccessful application as a reflection on your product, as we choose stockists based on a variety of factors including but not limited to, price point, suitability for our customer base, potential conflict with current stockists, if you stock anywhere else, and more.


If you are not immediately approved, we may keep your application on file for future.

Approved applications will receive a consignment agreement for you to sign.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!


So how do I join?


Fill out the application form below along with clear product photos.

Any questions please contact

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